November 1, 2013

Finding an angle to talk about the scum rock group Lickety Splitz can be vexing. Mired in perpetual obscurity, LS enjoyed limited international radio play and even more limited commercial success. Call them victims of the internet age, but don’t call them victims.

Gleaming and smoldering like a white lightning forest fire, Pops Johnson, Pinky Snow, a rotating supporting cast, and a Casio keyboard found themselves most comfortable in front of the bright lights of the tightest leather pants, the bustiest groupies, the frostiest Cold Ones, and the seediest neighborhood dive bars, before it was in fashion to frequent dive bars.

Historically drawing influence and inspiration from David Lee Roth-era 1980’s power metal to stark low fidelity, one is greeted with a softer but equally time-worn first opening twang of ‘Broke’ from the 1999 Modest Mouse compilation ‘Build Nothing Out of Something’.

'Broke' finds Lickety Splitz at their most genuinely introspective. The track opens with a sense of excitement from the return to the cigarette and Tecate stained studio after a long hangover. Pinky's slack jawed approach and signature production ethos for the authenticity thing is spot on. Pop's sober vocals sound almost apologetic as he wails 'Broke the glasses/ But I broke the ice/ Said I was an asshole/ But I paid the price'.

As with any LS release, the heaviest interpretation lies in Pinkys contribution(s). ‘Broke’ is currently available as a glimpse into what Pops and co. have been (or haven’t been) up to in the nearly 10 years since their last release ‘The Crack of the Godz’. The track appeared via a YouTube video as audio over multiple angles of a Pops Johnson painting from Pinky’s personal collection featuring Windows Movie Maker stock transitions and low quality cold, falling snowflakes.

Does the song choice show a shift in taste, maturity, or style?

Does the mental panic halfway through mean anything?

Can the Splitz still sell out arenas?

Are there any cold beers left?

The track winds down with a focused and abrupt guitar and drum onslaught as quickly as it appeared and none of those questions matter.

As Pops says in the opening seconds, ‘It’s like the old days’. And it is.

April 30, 2013

An audio sample from George A. Romero’s 1972 film Season of the Witch

December 24, 2012
"The tongue that gets bit, always has another word to say."

November 14, 2012

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November 4, 2012
"Let’s cut the nose off." after hours with @jhines.

"Let’s cut the nose off." after hours with @jhines.

November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012

The undisputed heavyweights of heavy, heavy electronic drone are going ahead and weighing in, together!

Software. Gonna be a screamer.

October 31, 2012

October 23, 2012

Lower Dens +

October 10, 2012
a fleeting analog moment.

I transplanted a small cactus I’ve been growing for five years. I had to wear gloves to move it to a larger pot to protect myself and to protect the body of the cactus. I could only find latex, so I used two on my right hand. I used a small shovel to loosen the old soil. For a few brief moments, it’s healthy root structure was exposed. I moved quickly to establish a foundation of fresh soil in the new, medium-sized pot. I made sure it had support for this transition as well it’s next stage of life. I watered it as it stood firmly in the new soil appearing to notice the change. Water drained from the bottom of the pot and snaked on the dry concrete. When the runoff reach my uncovered left hand, I paused and noticed bits of soil washing off. The water was warm and alive.

It was simple but the small scale severity weighed on me. It will do well now.

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